Friday, 17 January 2014

Letting go of old identities and roles

Letting go of old identities and roles

When we incarnated onto this planet, we started an earth life experience based on our unique soul plans.
Most star seeds (like myself) have never been on this planet and although we came prepared for this physical existence, we still have our challenges.
We arrived with countless soul contracts that helped us throughout our lives and those contracts with other souls/people had been the foundation of our experiences.
As we have been fulfilling our contracts by interacting and connecting with each other, our process became extremely complex.
If you would take a moment and (try to) remember how many people you have had contact with in your life, then you'll know what I mean and you'll also understand that none of your interaction with others have ever happened by chance.
When we acknowledge this fact, then we can really feel the complexity of our soul plans and contracts.

Perhaps we think that some of our soul contracts are (seemingly) more important than others in our lives, however those are the ones we might have difficulties to let go of, when the contract had been fulfilled and the connection/interaction doesn't serve us and others any longer.
As we are fulfilling and experiencing numerous roles in connection to others, we naturally identify with those roles, thus become our identities.
But the longer we carry out certain roles the more challenging it will be to break free of them. And even if we feel that we are ready to move on, others around us might not be ready for changes, therefore they want us to keep playing our old roles and keep our old, familiar identities.
We all experience this kind of pressure time to time. But even if we give in to that pressure and might delay the changes, we simply cannot silence our inner voice/guidance that constantly encouraging us to move forward.
And with that task we are mostly alone, even though new soul contracts can and do surface to become active.

All of our identities and roles we carry out, meant to be temporary and for many people it isn't an easy concept.
Clearly we are all experiencing this ascension process differently as we are doing our very best to follow our soul plans, however we cannot allow outer pressure or influences to override our deep seeded inner truth.
Holding on to any identity or role after it fulfilled it's purpose is one of the many reason why people can feel stuck and unable to move on.

As we are releasing old identities and roles we often feel uneasy, because the road ahead of us is unknown. But, instead of thinking and stressing about 'what's next' we can focus on what's already present within us.
In truth, we are multidimensional beings, therefore every time we release an (earthly) identity or role we remove a filter. Our perception of ourselves can shift significantly as we remove more and more filters, thus our true multidimensional existence can emerge strongly, with more clarity and (in time) will take over.

This is an important inner work for all of us and we might not be supported by external circumstances, nevertheless we need to complete this task in order to move on to our new multidimensional existence/experience within our upgraded physical forms.
When we keep focusing on our inner transformations the outside influences will loose their effect on us.

Our energies are extremely high vibrational on this planet and we must feel, experience, acknowledge this fact without all earthly/limited filters!
I wish you all peaceful transformations.




  1. Eva, this is ridiculous !!!
    What you describe here is exactly the way I feel !

    Thanks, Andrei

  2. I'm glad if this material resonates with you and hopefully helps you to understand the process and your inner work in a different way :-)