Friday, 25 October 2013

Welcome to Soul Talk

Hi everyone,

Sharing information and sharing our experiences in words can have great value.
And beyond this, within the written words there always is resonance / energy.
Therefore, as you read these words I ask you to feel how the information resonates within you and this feeling will tell you if what I'm offering here is something you can benefit from.

Soul talk is the purest, deepest and highest form of communication with self and others.
On the soul level, there is purity and clarity and that's where I can meet you.
I can see, hear, feel messages and information while I'm in soul connection with others. It is pure soul guidance.

We all have our unique, individual soul plan. This plan is fluid, changeable and we shape it with our choices, experiences in life. Because we feel/know that we are following and unfolding an overall soul/life plan, we wish to stay on our path.
At times it can become challenging to find clarity and then we search for answers, guidance, as we want to move on.
Within you, on the soul level, you already have all the answers and the guidance you are looking for, but in times of confusion you may have difficulties accessing it. During a soul talk, we hear only soul guidance. Your soul takes the lead and the flow of clarity opens. Does it sound simple? That's because it is!

We are constantly evolving, changing and creating new experiences.
And if you wish to evolve with ease, cleansing is essential! Physical, mental, emotional and karmic cleansing needs to be done on a regular basis, there is really no way around it. Releasing old energies from your physical, mental and emotional bodies helps you to keep moving forward. Many of you reading this may have karmic connections/energies to dissolve as well.
In a soul guided session, a great deal of (old, stuck) energy can be released.
Any kind of energy (issue) can surface for cleansing while we talk. Things that you perhaps not even aware of. Your Soul is always showing/telling you what you need to let go of, you can be sure of that!
And if you feel like you need some help with the process, I can assist you with that.

Some of my clients kindly shared their experiences with me, you can read them under 'Testimonials'.

If you feel guided to book a Soul talk session, then you can write to me on

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If you want to know more about Soul talks or book a session, you can contact me by email:

I'm available on Skype for Soul talk sessions.
Cost of a session: 50 Euro
Payment is via PayPal  (transfer fee 6 Euro is added)

A session is not timed as each soul talk is uniquely different and therefore not limited by 'time'.

I am in Greece/Crete timezone.

I wish you Love and Balance on your Soul/life journey!


'My first session with Eva brought a sense to who I'AM. Previously talking to her I didn't know that I was a Star seed-Indigo although I sensed that I was very different from the people around me. This simple confirmation of my origin brought so much comfort to me being and from there on I started to be more ME, not being afraid of what others might think of me. I even tell people in a jokingly way that I'm an ET, but of course they don't believe me. Eva also brought me messages from my star family, from my twin brother although I had no idea about his existence.

Lately after feeling a lot of stress from the continual integration of the universal energies I decided to talk with Eva and she was able to bring clarity and comfort just when I needed most. I'm amazed by how she manages every time to speak to me in such a way that brings peace and allowance in my being.

A big 'thank you' from my heart Eva and I'm profoundly grateful for all the work that you are doing. It means so much for me to be able to talk with somebody like you.'

Blessing and love,
Andrei from Romania

"Eva has the wonderful gift of tapping into our Higher Selves and soul overviews, and thus able to offer guidance and advice based on that higher perspective. Upon the first few minutes into the session, she pointed out that it has come time to make ourselves (including myself) heard, further reinforcing the theme of my life for the past few months of the crucial need to speak my truth and make my stand. She's patient and generous with her time with us, and very open to listen to anything I wanted to share. She also has a good knowledge about the currently ongoing Ascension process on the planet and how it affects us individually, and she shares them in detail relevantly."

Love & Hugs,

'I have cherished my sessions with Eva. She is totally present and engaged, not rushed. Perhaps most important of all though is my emotional state. As a 'lightworker' I have felt different all my life, never felt as if I fit in although I manage to have a successful career - and act the part. When I'm with Eva though on Skype I feel as normal as apple pie. Seriously though I find that Eva gives me the knowledge that there are many others in the same boat - and she makes sense of all of it for me personally. One of the important areas has been not only the emotional - but the physical symptoms. I was suffering from such extreme fatigue, had to stop whatever I was doing and sleep. There have been times in the car when I had to pull over and sleep behind the wheel for a half hour. I was hoping people wouldn't think I died and then call the police.

I guess you can say Eva is my spiritual guide and sounding board. I find that I can tell her every 'strange' feeling I ever have, any physical symptom and she'll tell me where I am regarding my journey here. I can tell Eva what I'm seeing and she listens with respect, always.

Especially now in October 2013 I feel so frustrated that people seem so unaware. They think everything is the same - and, of course, it isn't. But Eva is able to put it all into perspective. She is a wonderful guide during these crazy times, and I recommend her to everyone, especially the sensitive souls.'

Connecticut, USA

"Eva's guidance is not from the person name Eva Kuhar. Hers is from the guidance of the Divine. She is most familiar with the Soul's language and has that rare gift to point you back to your Soul's Path. At times when I have lost my communication-link to my God/dess Self... it was Eva that helped me in this regard. She pointed to me where I thought I lost my Way... showing me where the Voice of God/dess was all along. When all seemed so lost, dazed and utterly confusing in times when I needed it the most... she steered me back to my Original Peace... where my Soul was all along. Her words are very clear and straight-forward. There is no need for a magic remedy. Just a simple Soul-to-Soul talk to get back on track... especially now in these very changing and uncertain times".

Lou Ann
Saint Lucia, Caribbean