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Hi everyone,

Sharing information, sharing about our experiences in words can have great value.
And beyond that, within the written words there always is resonance/energy.
Therefore, as you read these words I ask you to feel how is the information resonate within you and that feeling will tell you if what I'm offering here is something you can benefit from.

Soul talk is the purest, deepest and highest form of communication with self and others.
On the soul level, there is purity and clarity and that's where I can meet you.
I can see, hear, feel messages and information while I'm in focused soul connection with others. It is pure soul guidance.

We all have our unique, individual soul plan. This plan is fluid, changeable and we shape it with our choices, experiences in life. Because we feel/know that we are following and unfolding an overall soul/life plan, we wish to stay on our path.
At times it can become challenging to find clarity and then we search for answers, guidance, as we want to move on.
Within you, on the soul level, you already have all the answers and guidance you are looking for, but in times of confusion you may have difficulties accessing it. 
During a soul talk, we hear only soul guidance. Your soul takes the lead and the flow of clarity opens. Does it sounds simple? That's because it is!
We are constantly evolving, changing and creating new experiences.
And if you wish to evolve with ease, cleansing is essential! Physical, mental, emotional and karmic cleansing needs to be done on a regular basis, there is really no way around it. Releasing old energies from your physical, mental and emotional bodies helps you to keep moving forward. Many of you reading this may have karmic connections/energies to dissolve as well.
In a soul guided session, a great deal of (old, stuck) energy can be released.
Any kind of energy (issue) can surface for cleansing while we talk. Things that you perhaps not even aware of.
Your Soul is always showing/telling you what you need to let go of, you can be sure of that!
And if you feel like you need some help with the process, I can assist you with that.

Some of my clients/friends kindly shared about their experiences with me, you can read them under 'Testimonials'.

If you feel guided to book a Soul talk session/connection with me, then you can contact me via email : twosoultalks@gmail.com

Eva Kuhar

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