Wednesday, 27 November 2013

High vibrational love energy

High vibrational love energy

I've been receiving infinite high vibrational love energy from above. Through this, I have been interacting with and stimulated by this pure energy and I feel guided to share about it.

This year we had been spoiled by the Universe as high love energy waves kept coming into our reality. This energy can uplift us to feel love on an elevated state that differs from the love we experience in duality.
When we interact with high love energy, we only feel purity.
Can one truly describe to others how it feels? Not really, as we simply have no words for it.

And that is why I'd like to inspire you all to experience it!

We can integrate the energy that comes from above and by doing so, enable ourselves to feel love and purity beyond what is physical.
And that's the purpose of it. We are receiving high love energy to teach and remind us of pure love, thus helping us to remember and reconnect to our original purity.

When we entered this physical realm, we began to learn about polarity.
We have been experiencing duality throughout our lives, thus following our soul's plan to gain knowledge from this realm. This experience can be engulfing in so many ways, making it challenging to see and feel more than just what is around us in physical form.
But, we are unfolding an overall plan, so we evolve and shift in our awareness as we feel guided.

A beautiful part of the process is when we are surrounded by high vibrational love energy. When we open up to it, we have the opportunity to integrate this incredibly pure energy. 
All we need to do is to allow the energy to stream into our physical, mental and emotional bodies. And because we feel only love during our interaction with this particular energy, the experience is truly uplifting.

As we permit more and more high love energy into our bodies, it alters our perception of our physical realities. It can and will transform us within, as much as we allow it at the time, thus changing our experiences from within. We begin to see and feel everything differently as we are effected by this pure high vibrational energy, even though the outside world might appears to be the same.
We shift our understanding of ourselves and of others when we transform, therefore it can feel like an override of how we used to experience life.

Every single person on this planet is on a different level or stage in their own personal ascension process. Nevertheless, we are all shifting and changing constantly.

Interacting with and integrating high vibrational love energy can help us with our process in the most beautiful way.
If you open up and allow it, you will experience more and more of true purity and love.

And that is what I wish for you.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

About twin souls

About twin souls

I'd like to clarify, what does 'twin souls' means for me, without over analyzing the phrase.
I received a vision ones, when I needed clarity with a new experience that I was having. The vision was simple and amazing. I saw an Over Soul first and then I literally watched as two souls separated from it. I saw my soul and my twin departing from the same Over Soul and begin their two independent soul journeys.
Needless to say how moving and emotional that vision was for me personally. It felt like I had just witnessed the birth of my own soul and that of my twin. This vision is the foundation of my understanding of twin souls.

However, the story I want to share this time isn't about me.

A young woman contacted me and asked for a session because she felt stuck emotionally. She had been experiencing depression and melancholy for more than a decade with no apparent reason. She tried dating several times over the years, but every relationship she had started was short-lived. She could not feel connected to any of her partners and she found this troubling. As she said: 'I meet really nice guys and I don't understand why I can't feel anything.'
Then, she mentioned that she had a boyfriend twelve years ago. They were together for two years, but he died and she does not thinking about him very often any more.
At this point in the session, I started to hear higher/soul information for her and so, it all became crystal clear.
The boy who died was her twin soul. Although she wasn't aware of it during the time they were together, nevertheless, she experienced the strongest, purest soul connection that can happen between two souls/people.
After having the experience of such a deep connection with her twin, she became emotionally numbed, as she tried over and over again to connect with others. It's not that she couldn't feel anything, but a twin soul connection is truly one of a kind, therefore she simply couldn't find the same or even similar, feeling.
Having a clear understanding of her emotional experiences and also, releasing old, stuck energies, helped her to move on with her life.
And I believe this story clearly shows the deep effects of a twin soul connection.

As twin souls embark on their soul journeys, both have their individual soul plans. Thus, they can be separated for numerous incarnations by existing in different realities and realms.
So, when twins finally meet and spend time together, it feels like a reunion with the of sense of being complete. The depth and purity of their connection is undeniable.
I know the most popular idea about twin souls is the romantic, love relationship scenario, but there are infinite ways for twins to share their life/soul experiences.

I do hope that it is within your soul plan to meet your twin in this lifetime and have the chance to reunite. It can be truly an exciting and unique event.


Thursday, 14 November 2013

A story for star seeds

A story for star seeds

It is most likely this material will resonate only with star seeds, hence the title.

All star seeds are receiving higher knowledge, that is a fact. 
But, depending on their current level of consciousness, each star seed may have a different understanding about the sources of their information.
The 'illusion of separation' experience makes many of them believe that they are channelling from, or guided by a higher, outer source/ Being/ entity.

I want to share a story here about a star seed friend of mine and how he managed to let go of and shift beyond the illusion of separation.
My friend T. had been receiving guidance and messages throughout his life.
He believed the messages had been coming from outer, higher sources and he named these unseen guides, as many star seeds do, when they feel connected to something that is non-physical / energy.
Not long ago, I saw a vivid vision about T. while I was in focused soul connection with him. At first, in that vision, I saw him as a Light being /pure energy form, existing in a higher dimension. Then, when his soul made a plan to experience an earthly life on this planet, that Light being split into three forms.
One (my friend T.) incarnated into physical form and two stayed in non-physical, energy form.
On Earth, in the realm of duality, T. started to experience the illusion of separation, thus separating himself from the two non-physical aspects of himself. And because he could hear and feel 'them', he believed they were his guides.
He always felt loved by these guides, but even so, he never allowed himself to feel equal with 'them' as he placed 'them' above himself at all times.
When we talked and I gave him all the soul information that I saw, he simply realized that he had been connecting and communicating with 'himself' / with his own two aspects, all along.
At that moment, his perception of himself and his 'guides' shifted to a higher level of awareness, and the illusion of separation ended.

Star seed = Multidimensional Being
As a star seed, you are receiving your own higher knowledge/guidance/ information from your own multidimensional self. Once you let go of the illusion of separation, it can become crystal clear.

When we connect more with Soul, the perception of ourselves and our awareness can change rapidly. All that we are, all that we have ever been, is within Soul. And in focused soul connection, we experience only clarity, no illusions.



Tuesday, 5 November 2013



This word has a different meaning for everyone, based on our beliefs and experiences.
There are countless methods/cures/therapies to choose from in healing, thus countless ways to believe in. When you feel it's needed, you go to see a doctor, a therapist or a healer, ask for help or advice and then you hope and trust, what they recommend you, will work.
As we evolve, our understanding can change significantly about healing (and everything else) if we allow it.
I've decided to share a very personal and emotional experience I've had with a friend of mine and perhaps it will shift your perception of healing and cleansing, if you allow it.

In 2010 my friend J. called me one day to tell me that she had been diagnosed with cancer a few days earlier and the doctor said, she had only 3 weeks left to live. Basically, she was calling me to say 'good bye'. She was very calm, as if she accepted that she will be gone in a few weeks. After our conversation and 'good byes', I just sat quietly and tried to process the news that my friend is going to die.
But then the next day, I heard an inner/higher message, saying: 'It's not over'.
So, I called J. and told her, I'd like to tune in and see/feel on the soul level what's the trigger of this illness. She said 'yes' and I tuned in, to have a focused soul connection with her.
I don't wish to write about the details of the information what I saw, it's enough to say, the trigger/source of the illness was a karmic connection in her case. She needed to release that (old) energetic connection in order to move on. 
And so she did!
She was staying in a hospital(negative environment) at that time, therefore I told her not to listen to or believe when others were saying she will die. 
I asked her to trust that the energy that caused/triggered the illness had been dissolved and had no effect on her any longer.

About a month later J. called and told me that the cancer was disappearing from her body, she is recovering and healing. She also said: 'The doctors don't understand what happened, but I know, I'm still here, because of what you did.'
The fact is, she healed herself. 
Perhaps, she changed her soul plan by releasing that particular karmic energy. Or maybe the plan was all along, to dissolve a karmic/past life connection in this lifetime. It doesn't really matter how or why it happened. What matters is, her life/soul plan took a whole new direction as she chose to live.
Clearly, it's all happened on the soul level and I know, in this healing process, my only role was, to see/hear the needed soul information and to tell her about it.
Everything else was truly up to her.
She lived and I'm happy for that ever since.