About the session

About the session

I would like to say that I am aware we are all on different levels of understanding and at varying stages of our journey. I have experienced each level on my own path and am now able to use that knowledge to assist others on their individual journey.

  • You can book your Skype appointment through e mail.
  • Once the session begins, your permission is being granted for connection.
  • The session will take place online where I will be in my space and you will be in your space.
  • As we begin talking, some may have specific questions, others not, and a narrowing down process to the issue begins. Whatever comes to you at this point it is best to let it out. Regardless of whether you have a specific issue that you are aware of, throughout the session you will be guided by your own soul.
  • Through this initial talk, we can identify the core of any issue and it becomes clear what we need to focus on.
  • As you speak, I will be listening though I will simultaneously be receiving or hearing higher information connected with the issue.
  • Once we have clarified what needs to be done during this session, and what you are therefore ready to deal with at this period of your life, we will stop talking.
  • At this point in the session, I will go into deep trance.
  • During trance, I will only focus on higher information such as images, sentences and feelings as this a gathering period of the process.
  • Intense energy cleansing can occur at this point as I am holding the connection with you and linking you to soul and Source. My role is as an intermediary and translator of the information I receive, inserting the new knowledge and clarity into your everyday reality.
  • While I am in trance, the focus is on my ability to gather the necessary higher information and images and this process takes around 10-15 minutes, during which time you can choose to tune in or relax. This is a period of free flowing higher information for me and so this is a speedy transmission.
  • Once the transmission is complete, I will resume the Skype connection with you and verbally share all of the higher information received, ensuring you are aware of the complexities of the Source and soul connection we have participated in.
  • If further questions arise at this point in the session, we can clarify those as well.

I hope we will meet some day and share an amazing Soul and Source connection.



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