Thursday, 20 March 2014



Letting go of control is one of the most challenging part of the ascension process.
Our old reality is all about control.
We want to be in charge of every single aspect of our lives and we cannot really imagine existing in any other way.
Perhaps we might not call it control, as we believe that we are simply making plans and we are following through with those plans to manifest them.
Nevertheless when we are creating plans, we often forget to 'pause' and feel whether that plan is ego-based or if it true soul guidance.
The fact is that our ego loves to be in charge and thus, we have been experiencing most of everything through our ego.
However we can also feel and know the difference when we allow and experience soul creation.
A soul plan can effortlessly manifest even if we are not certain how it will unfold. When we trust and listen to our inner soul guidance we experience effortless creation.
But when we feel the need to be in charge and control every aspect of a creation then we permit ego to take the lead.

Clearly we cannot magically switch off our old control program and change overnight, that would most likely cause much confusion in our lives.
We are in the process of learning how to change from ego-based, controlled planning to allowing pure soul creation in our every day lives which is part of our overall ascension process.
And just like with everything else during the ascension process, we are receiving support and guidance to make this shift.
We are supplied with infinite high vibrational energies to assist us with our physical, mental and emotional transformations.
These energies are upgrading us constantly as we integrate them.
But if we choose to cling on to control and resist universal energies, we can significantly slow down our own progress.

Trust and flexibility is key throughout the ascension process.
We need to recognise and pay attention to the changes that we are experiencing in our consciousness.
We must have a clear understanding of our present level of awareness at all times! Therefore we cannot assume that we are still participating in the old program in the same manner, when we are within the constant flow of personal transformations.
We can see and feel how our perception of life experiences are changing as we are shifting to different, higher levels of awareness.
We need to be flexible in our consciousness and learn how to perceive life in new ways with our new knowledge, instead of holding on to any aspect of the old program.

Yes, it is challenging (to say the least), but we can trust in our soul guidance to lead us and we can trust in all universal energies to transform and support us along the way.


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