Thursday, 3 April 2014

When we are in stillness

When we are in stillness

From time to time we feel like we are completely cut off from the outside reality and also from our inner, higher guidance.
During those days, we experience disconnection and detachment, even more than usual.
We wish to go on with our daily lives but we find ourselves in a state of overwhelming inner numbness and stillness that somehow prevents us from doing so.
Our ego wants to push things along, but at the same time nothing feels inspiring or remotely interesting for us, therefore even if we do manage to get on with 'business as usual' we feel no connection to our activities, actions or the people around us.
We are seemingly participating in other people's realities, however the feeling of detachment and disconnection is present and strong in every moment.
And this state can last for several days.
In those days we mostly just want to snap out of it and shake off this numbing feeling, but we simply cannot.
Our brain desperately want to find the answer to this experience and our ego becomes restless as the stillness doesn't seem to dissipate.
Then we also turn to the Universe and to our higher guidance for answers, but all we can hear is silence.
We might even feel as if we are forced to be in this stillness and, in a sense, that is the case.
Although we might experience disconnection from our higher soul guidance, in truth the silence and the stillness itself is the guidance in those days.

Our soul is fully in charge while we are in stillness.
Our ego is being contained, put on hold while our soul is rearranging certain aspect of our lives and repositioning us in the new.
Therefore our ego needs to be suppressed during this part of the process otherwise it would most likely interfere with the changes.
So the discomfort and feeling of uncertainty that we might experience while in stillness is essentially just a very unusual state for us.
Usually our ego self is in charge most of the time and that is the norm for us.
We do follow our soul guidance as well, but we also have the illusion that we are in control and when the stillness takes over we feel as if we have no control at all.

Surrendering to soul completely is not yet the norm for us as we are still transitioning.
We are learning and mastering to allow soul guidance to lead us fully and transforming our ego selves to merge with soul in new ways.
Therefore, at times, soul forces us to stay still and to make no ego-based plans that would simply lead us back to old experiences.
Our soul is always guiding us forward into new experiences and realities, but our ego might want to stay in the old, familiar experiences.
Nevertheless, we are transforming!

So, when you hear no guidance and feel like nothing is moving along in your life, then be still and allow soul to be in charge.
Trust that your soul is unfolding a true plan for you and you will see and fully understand it when the stillness ends and you will reconnect to all, in very new ways.


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