Saturday, 3 May 2014

No attachment

No attachment

We have been releasing in recent years much of everything that we may now call old. We have been doing a constant inner work which needed to be done in order to move forward and upward. We have faced various challenges along the way, but many of us have chosen to follow our inner, higher guidance despite the fact that most of the time it might have made no sense to us and we have had no idea where it will lead us. Uncertainty becomes the theme in countless ways for those who are taking part of the ascension process. 
However we also have to remember that each phase of this process is temporary and as the overall plan is unfolding, we are flowing with it.

We have detached from so much of the old (selves), now we can hardly recognize ourselves at times as a result of that.
Our belief system has significantly changed, we interact with others very differently or often not at all, because we cannot find common ground with them any longer.
And mostly, we might not experience emotions the same way as we have been during our whole lives.
Detachment changes every aspect of our lives and provides us with emotional freedom. 
When we are not attached to situations, ideas or to people around us, our perception of any life experience can be utterly altered.
We acknowledge the flow of life (energies) with ease when we do not pressure or force ourselves to hold on to anything.

This is however not an easy concept in a physical realm which is where we currently exist.
But learning and mastering detachment is part of the overall ascension process.
We simply cannot shift to higher levels of awareness and interact with higher vibrational universal energies as long as we keep attaching ourselves to old energies and life experiences.
What we may find challenging is that many of us are shifting and evolving, but definitely not all!
In fact, everyone is on a very different level of awareness and stage of their own process, therefore it is really not that simple sometimes to communicate with others.
We might also feel and be aware of the fact that we vibrate on a different energy level and frequency than many around us and it can cause discomfort within us at times if we sense the energetic 'gap'.
However, when we remember not to attach ourselves to other people's experiences and instead we choose to be observers then the interaction is so much easier for us.
We do not need to repeat (old) situations and life experiences for the sake of others. We can observe and understand that our friends or family members are dealing with their issues on certain levels, but if we have already completed that kind of inner work for ourselves we do not need to be involved in their process.
Thus, we are free and able to keep focused on our own process and we can simply trust that others will complete the necessary tasks for themselves and then they will shift to a new level of awareness.

Keeping our high vibrational energies and awareness on the level that we have already reached is important for ourselves and for the overall ascension process as well.
In this way we can energetically assist not only those closest and dearest to us but everyone on this planet.


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