Friday, 16 May 2014

The Flow

The Flow

The energies of this month are very gentle compared with the intensity of April's energies which pushed us to change. 
The latest gateway opening and crossing helped us to reach a new phase in our process. Therefore nowadays we are fully supported to be focused on manifesting our desires in the physical reality as we have indeed entered into an energetically new space and new level of awareness.

Within this new space we experience the flow of all universal energies more frequently than ever before. Now we can feel and master much more easily how to stay within and be one with the flow of pure, high vibrational energies.
In the past, we used to create stability and steadiness in our lives to feel safe and because it worked for us many might still want to hold on to that way of living. 
However we also have the opportunity to choose to alter our life perceptions by being in the flow.
As the energetic structure of our physical, mental and emotional bodies have changed significantly, now we interact with high vibrational energies more effortlessly. Therefore staying in the flow of all universal energies becomes part of our every day life for a longer and longer period of time.
When we allow ourselves to be one with the flow then we experience increased clarity and we can truly feel and understand our limitlessness, our infinity.
Within the flow we receive all sorts of information, new ideas, notions what we can merge with and insert into our physical reality. In this way we are able to reform our whole life based on higher, new knowledge and new perceptions. And because we are constantly supported by all universal energies as we interact and flow with them, the manifestation of our new life creation becomes more and more effortless.

Trust is important, as always! We are on new 'territory' once again in our process and we need to learn to trust that our new experiences with the flow become our new way of existence in this reality. We do not need to analyze, we do not need to over-think the information we receive.
As we learn to trust, we realize that by being one with the flow, we create not only new life experiences but we also become our new, true selves.
Therefore we can shift anything in our lives as we flow with universal energies and trust that it is leading us to new creations from moment to moment.
We can feel and have a new sense of the constant motion as we are steadily moving and flowing forward but it is very different from the steadiness and experience that our ego used to create.
Our new creations are not based on any of our old, previous experiences and perceptions.
Although it might seem that the physical reality and people around us have not changed much, our perception of them has changed tremendously and for us that is a 'game changer'. Therefore all of our interaction with others, all of our ways of creation have been altered, thus we are in the process of learning and mastering our new way of existence within the flow.
We have also fulfilled many or all of our soul contracts in the old reality and it means that we are open for new connections and opportunities and can establish new relationships in all areas of our lives.

I truly wish to encourage you all to be curious, learn and experience more and more how to be one with the flow and be within the flow of all universal energies, merging it with your physical reality.



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