Thursday, 23 January 2014

Rewarding ourselves by receiving

Rewarding ourselves by receiving

Ever since we were born we are rising the energetic vibration of this planet by being present.
We came here with the deep inner program to seed our high vibrational energies and endlessly give, regardless of people around us acknowledge it or not.
Many of us are simply don't know any other way of living/functioning as this deep inner feeling is not something that we are able to 'switch off'.
Therefore we are not really comfortable with receiving and even when we do need help, asking for it makes us feel uneasy.
By our higher program we are givers and that is the only role what feels right for us.

However, we must recognize the changes that we are experiencing by being participants of this ascension process. Our inner/higher program is shifting and being altered as we are moving along with the ascension plan.
We cannot view ourselves as we used to and it is important to notice the results of our constant inner transformations.
Although we may still feel that we are givers, we may also realize that the pressure is off as well as more balanced.
Many of us experienced in our lives the strong sense of responsibility for others around us and most of the time even for those we just met and barely knew.
We respond for the needs of others instantly, almost as if we have an inner trigger within us and it activates us to feel responsible for them.
Our energy work has been based on this deep feeling of responsibility.
Consciously or unconsciously we always, always respond to others energetically regardless of the nature of their physical, mental or emotional needs.
This feeling of being responsible for those we share this life/ascension experience with might have been overwhelming for many of us at times.
We have easily lost focus on ourselves countless times during the process, because of the endless stimulation of others around us.

But as we are transforming and evolving, we may feel/experience more balance between giving and receiving.
We have already mastered the giving part of the process and it will go on effortlessly (as long as it needs to) therefore we can now actually shift our focus on receiving.

We all have our personal understanding about receiving and we all heard other people's advice, experiences, methods and perspectives on the subject.
So, we can choose to follow those recommendations or we can choose to listen to our inner/higher guidance thus our multidimensional selves.
When we manage to let go of earthly filters, illusionary boundaries, external influences then we are truly and utterly open to receiving and it takes a whole new universal meaning.

By Being open to receive with no limitations, we can begin a new phase of experiencing life on Earth.


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  1. To have read this post was like smn looked into my soul. In the period before the inner change started I used to work as a doctor, and my motto used to be - "I am responsible for everything". Now, indeed, it has been changing, becoming much more balanced. Thank you!

    1. I'm so happy to know that you can feel the changes Anastasia! I felt guided to write about this subject, because we have been 'givers' for so long, many of us might not notice the significant shift that we are experiencing.
      Perhaps you would enjoy reading one of my older post 'Healing' if you used to work as a doctor. Just click on 2013 on the sidebar and you'll find it.