Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The feeling of emptiness

The feeling of emptiness

During this ascension process we often experience overwhelming physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Over the years we have learned and by now know that, all is temporary. The symptoms are coming and going as we are releasing old energies from our bodies and replacing them with high vibrational energies.
Nevertheless when we feel empty within, that is one of the most confusing state for us to be in. We feel as if nothing matters any longer. We don't feel connected to basically anything. Everything that's been exciting in our lives and we have felt passionate about it, is seemingly gone. We view our previous experiences in a very different light as we feel far and distant from it all.
Many people simply label it as depression and because in their mind they have a name for the feeling, that's enough reason for them to dismiss the experience, after all depression is a common and well known thing/word.
But in truth, when we feel empty within, we are going through significant restructuring and transformation on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
If we choose to pay attention to our emotions, thoughts and beliefs during the time of emptiness then we are consciously participating in our transformation period.
We can understand and follow our process of letting go of old feelings, old way of thinking and old, overrated notions.
And that is the effect of the infinite incoming high vibe energies. When ever we are releasing our low vibrational experiences from the past, we are open to fill that temporarily 'empty space' within us with universal energies instantly.
We are simply exchanging energies and by recognising that, it can help with the process.

A few days ago I was talking with a friend of mine. She is a new mum with a 3 months old baby. She is also a star seed who gave birth to a high vibrational child, filled with golden light energy.
Recently she went through a deep emotional transformation what was necessary for her in order to shift closer to the vibration of her baby.
She needed to release old, worrisome emotions from within, because those energies were interfering with her transforming frequency.
As all star seeds are, my friend is a high vibrational being, nevertheless she is just like all of us, had been effected by low vibrational emotional experiences throughout her life on Earth.
But she has started a new experience with a golden child, therefore it was essential to let go of old energies and shift to a new level. By releasing old emotions, she made it possible for herself and the baby to have an incredible new experience that is not effected by or based on any old emotions/energies.
She gained clarity during our talk, and as always, a clear understanding of the process is helpful in times of emotional confusion.

When we are feeling empty, we can choose to stay within that deep emotional nothingness or we can shift our focus and change the experience.
The fact is, when we are in that haze of nothingness and feeling detached from everything, we actually have the opportunity to begin sensing the new that comes with the restructuring. The new higher truth, the new higher emotions are already present during our transformation period and by focusing on them, we can alter the state of confusion thereby changing the experience.
This ascension process is challenging and pushing our illusionary limits constantly, however we also have the possibility to make it easier for ourselves by consciously choosing the focus of our attention.



  1. Such an important and powerful reminder !!! (I always forget it :P) Thank you so much, Eva >:D<

  2. Hi,
    I'm glad you 'remembered' and hopefully shifted your focus. The fact is that when you release old energies, you can instantly integrate universal energies, so there is a certain balance in the process, even if it doesn't feel that way at times. Love,