Thursday, 30 January 2014

Keeping our inner balance

Keeping our inner balance

When we are seeing non-physical images and visions, we are essentially accessing higher information and higher knowledge.
Our 3rd dimensional mind is 'translating' certain higher information into 3rd dimensional images, enabling us to understand the essence of it.
The visual aspect of the images that we are receiving depends upon our state of mind and our level of consciousness, therefore it is always different for each of us.
Mostly we are seeing visions about ourselves, but many of us often receive higher information for others as well.
Usually I don't write about my personal visions, however I have had a vision recently that I would like to share here.

In that particular vision, I was walking by the ocean barefoot on the sand. Everything was peaceful and silent around me. My physical appearance seemed to be very different and I also appeared to be much younger, as if I went through a complete transformation.
But the most important feeling I noticed was that my inner energy and the external energies were in absolute and perfect balance.
This realisation was so amazingly striking, it suddenly felt like duality ceased to exist.

That striking feeling of perfect balance of all energies was at the core of my vision and I believe that this is our destination, where we will feel and experience balance in our consciousness thus within our realities.

And we all want to experience that existence when our inner high vibrational energy perfectly matches all external energies thereby bringing balance at all times.
Many of us are truly want to get off the roller coaster of high and low energies, emotions and experiences. We wish to keep our inner balance that we experience time to time in our realities and we wish to hold on to that feeling permanently.

And we are in the process of achieving that seemingly far vision, but we are not there yet.
Nevertheless, we are receiving higher messages and knowledge of that existence in the form of visions. And therefore I wish to remind and encourage you all to hold on to those images, find comfort and confirmation in them.
By remembering our visions we are able to keep our inner balance much easier, until we will reach our destination.


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