Friday, 21 February 2014

Can you see yourself as a perfect creation?

Can you see yourself as a perfect creation?

Throughout our lives we are constantly busy with something. We occupy ourselves with various activities, work and relationships.
We believe that if we archive more and if we experience more in life, somehow we will become more. Therefore we are persistently pushing our boundaries to experience a full life, because we don't want to miss out on anything.
It is the mindset of most people on this planet and it is working and manifesting itself for many as they truly and deeply believe that this is the only way to experience life.

But, as we are going through different stages of the ascension process, the perception of our previous belief system can change significantly.
Many of us are here to experience great shifts in our awareness in this lifetime, thus we simply cannot hold on to old beliefs and mindsets even if they have served us well in the past.
We are within a flow of transitional phases perpetually and flexibility is crucial for us if we wish to keep up with the changes.
As our consciousness reaches higher and higher levels, we need to adapt to new ideas and beliefs frequently. We must pay attention to and notice our new knowledge and feelings as they are surfacing from within our new, higher level of awareness.
We cannot cling on to old ideas and notions, unless we want to keep on repeating everything we have already experienced the exact same way.
Breaking out of the old is challenging for all of us, but through our new awareness we are receiving clearer and clearer guidance as to how to merge our new knowledge, beliefs and emotions with the seemingly unchanging outside world around us.

We are perfect creations!

Nothing about us is 'good or bad', 'more or less', 'right or wrong' as it is only our dual perception of ourselves.
When we recognize ourselves as perfect creations, then we understand and accept that everything what manifested through us is also perfect creation.
By letting go of the old need of controlling every aspect of our lives based on the duality mindset, we free ourselves to experience the flow of manifestation and creation in very new ways.
Our consciousness is showing us the way and expanding into this amazing new experience of life on Earth.
Therefore, I truly wish to inspire you all to keep on evolving and expanding in your awareness and trust your inner guidance at all times, regardless of the stage or level of consciousness that you are currently experiencing.


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