Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Our authentic selves and awareness

Our authentic selves and awareness

Many people tend to believe that authenticity is something we have to achieve and being authentic means being unique.
But, we are all unique! 
This planet and reality is a giant free will playground for all of us to play out and manifest our own individual soul plans.
Therefore, in any given moment, we are indeed unique and authentic as we are following and fulfilling our soul plans and soul contracts.
When we don't judge or label others and simply observe them, we realize how complex and magnificent we all are.
And in fact, we cannot be anything else but our true, authentic selves.

However, as we are evolving and changing, our truth and understanding can shift significantly, as much as we allow it.
We are going through and experiencing different phases in our ascension process and it can be amazingly beautiful and confusing at the same time.
As we are removing and releasing old identities, labels, beliefs, layers of ourselves, we might often wonder who we are.
We might feel confused, because our old roles don't fit us any longer and we don't wish to hold on to them, but we are uncertain how to move forward.
This feeling occurs when we are positioning and settling on a new level of awareness. And therefore everything feels new, strange and we may feel that we cannot find footing in this new state of awareness.
But, as we settle on our new level and a new kind of clarity takes over within our consciousness, we ones again feel as if we find our new true, authentic selves.
We wish to speak our new mind, our new truth, thus we want to express ourselves in very new ways. We want to share our truth with others to inspire them to grow and evolve as we are excited about our new level of consciousness and we wish them to experience the same.

Regardless of how many people are actually listening to our truth, many of us feel a constant and strong inner guidance to share with others.
We express our true selves in countless different ways as we are all unique and authentic in our own ways.
People around us may or may not resonate with what we represent, nevertheless we are constantly stimulating, shifting and raising the level of awareness on this planet as we ourselves are evolving.

We offer our love, our services, our help and assistance to others and even when the effect of our offerings might not be visible and tangible to us, we know and feel that we are fulfilling our purposes, thus our soul plans and contracts.
And for this reason we are always our true, authentic selves, as we are experiencing ourselves on different levels of consciousness throughout this ascension process.

When will this process reach the end? We all wish to know that, as we often feel tired, confused and challenged in this seemingly endless expansion process.
Many people say it will never end as our ascension is infinite and I believe that to be true.
However, I also believe that each of us incarnated with an individual soul plan, thus our soul planned already the certain levels of awareness we are here to experience in this life time.
Therefore it cannot be a general answer to that question as each of us is in the process of unfolding our unique soul plans.

We are all expressing ourselves based on our current level of awareness at any time.
And we might all be on different levels of understanding, nonetheless we can speak our truth and express our true selves every single moment of our lives.


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