Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Where do star seeds come from?

Where do star seeds come from?

First of all, I'd like to say that my perception of star seeds is based on my own experiences as I'm one, plus based on knowledge I have gained during my private sessions with many star seeds over the years.

We are multidimensional light beings and we are aware of that. Therefore we are seeding and representing all universal energies and consciousness on this planet. We have had countless incarnations in higher dimensions, since our Soul has separated from Source and started its journey. This time we have descended from our higher dimensional existences to raise the vibration of this planet by being present.

Although we are multidimensional beings thus we have existed in numerous dimensions, in my experience we have the strongest connection to our previous dimension, to that where we have came from to this planet.
What I see with star seeds is that they are representing and working with specific energies, depending on their previous higher dimension. That means the vibration of a star seed from 8th dimension is very different from a star seed from 6th dimension, for example. Their higher dimensional energy is directly linked to their lives in this reality and they express that specific vibration in many different ways. So, trying to create a general idea or image of the star seeds is simply not possible.

We have come from non-physical 'places' of the Universe.
During my sessions with star seeds, I receive the information about what dimension they are linked to, where they existed previously and much more, but I have never received any names for those 'places' as they have no names in our reality.
When we look up to the night sky and watch the stars, we might feel that we are looking at the part of the Universe where we came from. However, we are actually looking at other dense, physical planets that are visible to us, unlike our original non-physical dimensions.
Our 3rd dimensional mind might create certain images of our higher aspects and realities and might even give (3rd D) names to them as it is our human need to make the non-physical somehow tangible so it become easier to understand. But in truth, we are connecting through our consciousness and energies to our home dimensions and that is our deepest connection.

We are constantly spreading our high vibrational light energies, thus we are often called light workers as well and that is what we all are.
However, not all light workers are star seeds. There are so many people who represent love and light on this planet even though they have never yet existed in higher dimensions on their soul journey.
Those souls/people are evolving rapidly in this lifetime as they are ready to move on and experience higher (than 3rd dimensional) realities and realms.
We resonate with them easily as they are very open to and perceptive of high vibrational energies.
And we feel close to them because we know that they are ready to experience what we have already experienced; higher dimensional existences and consciousness.


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