Tuesday, 5 November 2013



This word has a different meaning for everyone, based on our beliefs and experiences.
There are countless methods/cures/therapies to choose from in healing, thus countless ways to believe in. When you feel it's needed, you go to see a doctor, a therapist or a healer, ask for help or advice and then you hope and trust, what they recommend you, will work.
As we evolve, our understanding can change significantly about healing (and everything else) if we allow it.
I've decided to share a very personal and emotional experience I've had with a friend of mine and perhaps it will shift your perception of healing and cleansing, if you allow it.

In 2010 my friend J. called me one day to tell me that she had been diagnosed with cancer a few days earlier and the doctor said, she had only 3 weeks left to live. Basically, she was calling me to say 'good bye'. She was very calm, as if she accepted that she will be gone in a few weeks. After our conversation and 'good byes', I just sat quietly and tried to process the news that my friend is going to die.
But then the next day, I heard an inner/higher message, saying: 'It's not over'.
So, I called J. and told her, I'd like to tune in and see/feel on the soul level what's the trigger of this illness. She said 'yes' and I tuned in, to have a focused soul connection with her.
I don't wish to write about the details of the information what I saw, it's enough to say, the trigger/source of the illness was a karmic connection in her case. She needed to release that (old) energetic connection in order to move on. 
And so she did!
She was staying in a hospital(negative environment) at that time, therefore I told her not to listen to or believe when others were saying she will die. 
I asked her to trust that the energy that caused/triggered the illness had been dissolved and had no effect on her any longer.

About a month later J. called and told me that the cancer was disappearing from her body, she is recovering and healing. She also said: 'The doctors don't understand what happened, but I know, I'm still here, because of what you did.'
The fact is, she healed herself. 
Perhaps, she changed her soul plan by releasing that particular karmic energy. Or maybe the plan was all along, to dissolve a karmic/past life connection in this lifetime. It doesn't really matter how or why it happened. What matters is, her life/soul plan took a whole new direction as she chose to live.
Clearly, it's all happened on the soul level and I know, in this healing process, my only role was, to see/hear the needed soul information and to tell her about it.
Everything else was truly up to her.
She lived and I'm happy for that ever since.



  1. Eva, I finally got over to your site to read this. Beautiful story on how it truly IS possible to heal ourselves. Great JOB!

    BIG (((HUGS))) and with JOY,

  2. Thank you for your kind words Amy.

  3. Thank you for sharing that experience that both of you went through. It goes to show how simple these situations are, but also how complex some of us make them into.

    We can only imagine how the world could be a much different place if this was more accepted in society and not frowned or looked down upon. One of our greatest achievements while here, would be to educate others as much as possible on the inner workings of illness so that instead of people getting sick in the first place, they break the cycles and patterns they are in before any sickness or condition has a chance to manifest.

    But then sometimes our soul contract is designed for us to be sick for that experience and the experience of others in our life, as you know. But that is why we need that communication from the other side for confirmation.


  4. Yes, when we are communicating with the 'other side'/soul/higher self we always find clarity and the truth about any situation or issue we might have in life.
    Thank you for your insightful comment Laron.