Thursday, 14 November 2013

A story for star seeds

A story for star seeds

It is most likely this material will resonate only with star seeds, hence the title.

All star seeds are receiving higher knowledge, that is a fact. 
But, depending on their current level of consciousness, each star seed may have a different understanding about the sources of their information.
The 'illusion of separation' experience makes many of them believe that they are channelling from, or guided by a higher, outer source/ Being/ entity.

I want to share a story here about a star seed friend of mine and how he managed to let go of and shift beyond the illusion of separation.
My friend T. had been receiving guidance and messages throughout his life.
He believed the messages had been coming from outer, higher sources and he named these unseen guides, as many star seeds do, when they feel connected to something that is non-physical / energy.
Not long ago, I saw a vivid vision about T. while I was in focused soul connection with him. At first, in that vision, I saw him as a Light being /pure energy form, existing in a higher dimension. Then, when his soul made a plan to experience an earthly life on this planet, that Light being split into three forms.
One (my friend T.) incarnated into physical form and two stayed in non-physical, energy form.
On Earth, in the realm of duality, T. started to experience the illusion of separation, thus separating himself from the two non-physical aspects of himself. And because he could hear and feel 'them', he believed they were his guides.
He always felt loved by these guides, but even so, he never allowed himself to feel equal with 'them' as he placed 'them' above himself at all times.
When we talked and I gave him all the soul information that I saw, he simply realized that he had been connecting and communicating with 'himself' / with his own two aspects, all along.
At that moment, his perception of himself and his 'guides' shifted to a higher level of awareness, and the illusion of separation ended.

Star seed = Multidimensional Being
As a star seed, you are receiving your own higher knowledge/guidance/ information from your own multidimensional self. Once you let go of the illusion of separation, it can become crystal clear.

When we connect more with Soul, the perception of ourselves and our awareness can change rapidly. All that we are, all that we have ever been, is within Soul. And in focused soul connection, we experience only clarity, no illusions.



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