Wednesday, 27 November 2013

High vibrational love energy

High vibrational love energy

I've been receiving infinite high vibrational love energy from above. Through this, I have been interacting with and stimulated by this pure energy and I feel guided to share about it.

This year we had been spoiled by the Universe as high love energy waves kept coming into our reality. This energy can uplift us to feel love on an elevated state that differs from the love we experience in duality.
When we interact with high love energy, we only feel purity.
Can one truly describe to others how it feels? Not really, as we simply have no words for it.

And that is why I'd like to inspire you all to experience it!

We can integrate the energy that comes from above and by doing so, enable ourselves to feel love and purity beyond what is physical.
And that's the purpose of it. We are receiving high love energy to teach and remind us of pure love, thus helping us to remember and reconnect to our original purity.

When we entered this physical realm, we began to learn about polarity.
We have been experiencing duality throughout our lives, thus following our soul's plan to gain knowledge from this realm. This experience can be engulfing in so many ways, making it challenging to see and feel more than just what is around us in physical form.
But, we are unfolding an overall plan, so we evolve and shift in our awareness as we feel guided.

A beautiful part of the process is when we are surrounded by high vibrational love energy. When we open up to it, we have the opportunity to integrate this incredibly pure energy. 
All we need to do is to allow the energy to stream into our physical, mental and emotional bodies. And because we feel only love during our interaction with this particular energy, the experience is truly uplifting.

As we permit more and more high love energy into our bodies, it alters our perception of our physical realities. It can and will transform us within, as much as we allow it at the time, thus changing our experiences from within. We begin to see and feel everything differently as we are effected by this pure high vibrational energy, even though the outside world might appears to be the same.
We shift our understanding of ourselves and of others when we transform, therefore it can feel like an override of how we used to experience life.

Every single person on this planet is on a different level or stage in their own personal ascension process. Nevertheless, we are all shifting and changing constantly.

Interacting with and integrating high vibrational love energy can help us with our process in the most beautiful way.
If you open up and allow it, you will experience more and more of true purity and love.

And that is what I wish for you.


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