Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ascended masters are all around us

Ascended masters are all around us

Last week a friend of mine called me and said, she is sensing some sort of non-physical/energy in her apartment that she is not familiar with. The presence of this entity had triggered fear within her for different reasons.
Firstly, because her mind went straight back(wards) to past experiences what she have had with negative energies.
Secondly, the magnitude of this energy was unknown to her, therefore she felt overwhelmed by it.
As we talked, I had an instant read on the energy and I told her what I perceived, that she has an ascended master in her space.
The knowing and understanding of this information calmed her down immediately and she is having a very positive and uplifting experience since.

Ascended masters are indeed within our spaces, thus in our realities and they make their presence known to us one way or another.
Several months ago I had a vivid (non-physical) image of them as well. I saw countless ascended masters all around me and this experience was unlike any other I have ever had before.

We are having new experiences with the ascended masters, just like with so many things this year.
In the past we often interacted with all kind of non-physicals, including ascended masters in our dreams. During the night we are open and often completely disconnected from our physical realities, therefore connecting with and visiting higher realms and high vibrational Beings is effortless for us while we are sleeping/dreaming.

But, as we shift and evolve to higher levels of awareness, we alter our experiences with the non-physicals.
The most significant change we may notice is that, sensing and being with ascended masters is no longer limited.
We do not need to disconnect from our (every day) realities in order to be with them, because they are constantly within our physical realm.
We don't even have to close our eyes any more to connect and feel their presence as it is clear and strong, day or night.

Why are they here?
We can find answers to that question by focusing on our unique personal experiences with them, on the daily basis.
But in general, they are most definitely here to empower us and remind us of how magnificent we truly are with our own infinite powers.

So, I wish to inspire you all to keep connecting in new ways to the ascended masters and let go of old (limited) beliefs and experiences with the non-physicals.

We are more than ever sharing our earthly realm with them, thus sharing our new experiences with them also and this is an exciting and uplifting element of the overall ascension plan.
As we stay open and willing to share, their empowering effect on us, can and will manifest through us in unlimited ways.


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