Thursday, 12 December 2013

Where are you at in your process?

Where are you at in your process?

We are frequently using the phrase 'ascension process' as if that is something beyond us or bigger than us, but in fact that is life for us. We are here to be part of this universal process (experiment), therefore it is our lives.
At times it might feel bigger than us and we find it challenging to keep moving forward within the process, but we only feel this way because it is indeed a unique experience for all us.

We have no guide book to follow, as nobody before us went through this experience. So, we are the ones writing this universal guide book for ourselves and all we can do is to offer support for each other along the way.

What makes this process extremely complex is that all of us living on this planet are unfolding our soul plans and having our individual experiences day after day in all kinds of circumstances.
And for this reason it's understandable that all of us are on different levels and stages within the process, thus in our awareness.

I remember many years ago, I went to see a spiritual practitioner in the hopes of finding answers to my questions. I visited her several times, but only to realize that she couldn't really help me with anything, because I was already on a completely different stage/phase in my process than she was.
If you are a star seed, you might have had similar experiences with practitioners and/or methods, that seems to work for others but not for you. (And there is a reason for that.)

This life/ascension process feels endless for us and in many ways actually it is.
By participating in this experience we often feel overwhelmed as we are shifting up to new/higher levels of awareness with every incoming energy wave and gateway opening, thus altering our lives rapidly.
Therefore it can be comforting to know and see what stages we are at in certain times within our process.
Acknowledging how much we have evolved and changed is important for us in order to have the strength to keep moving forward. But it can also be challenging and even strange to see ourselves anew when our surroundings appears to be all the same.

My soul has a unique way of showing me vivid visions about my process at any time, but I know that not everyone has the same connection with their inner guidance yet.
When my friends and clients ask me to see and clarify for them the changes that they are experiencing, they find comfort in my readings and it also empowers them. 
They learn to trust and listen to more of their own inner guidance and inner truth.

Reading people and seeing beyond what is physical comes naturally to me, therefore I've never felt the need to mystify or label it.
Having a clear connection with our souls is the true way of learning about ourselves and I'm glad to be in a stage where I can assist others to have clearer understanding of themselves at times of rapid and significant changes.

Establishing energetic connections with others can be effortless when/if we focused on it and allow it.
But the depth and clarity of what we are able to see and feel about ourselves and others is depending on the level of our awareness.
As we evolve higher and higher in our consciousness we begin to see and feel more of the truth and less of illusions.

Recognizing and understanding your current level of awareness can help you to shift higher and so you will, when ever you are ready and feel guided.


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