Sunday, 29 December 2013

Infinite love is our home energy

Infinite love is our home energy

We crossed over the last gateway of this year on 21/12 and it provided us with a great opportunity to shift energetically ones again.
This gateway opening was a big finale of all that we have experienced throughout the year in regards of Universal energies.
We have been frequently receiving all sorts of high vibrational energies on the daily bases, however as we have passed through this gateway, we may now feel a sense of completion.
We may feel that we have finally integrated all universal energies that makes up our new energy blueprint in physical form.
And we also feel complete, because in truth, we are filled with our high vibrational home energies.

All star seeds have conscious or unconscious memories of existing in higher realities and dimensions, before they incarnated on this energetically dense planet.
And when we remember of or reconnect to those higher realms and existences, then we truly feel at home.
We instantly feel infinite love and within that, we feel free, independent and limitless.

The challenge for star seeds always had been to integrate all higher, universal energies within our physical form and energy fields, while constantly surrounded by much denser energies.
It's been already a long and tiring road for many of us, but at last, with the final gateway opening we experienced an incredible energy shift within and as a result, we feel closer to home, than ever before.
Experiencing and feeling infinite love energy in physical form is a new accomplishment for star seeds on this planet.
Anchoring and holding pure yet complex universal energies within our bodies and energy fields is our new form of existence.
Although, star seeds are more than familiar with these energies, nevertheless it is a new experience for us to ground and insert them into this realm through our bodies and fields for the benefit of others.

We have had our challenges along the way, but we have made it to a new high by being utterly filled with all of our high vibrational home energies.
Feeling and interacting with infinite love energy, regardless of any and all circumstances is definitely a new way of experiencing this physical realm.

The intensity of these energies are rapidly growing since the last gateway has opened and because it will stay open, just like all others, the stream of universal energies are truly limitless.

All universal gateways are open and constantly supplying each of us with unlimited high vibrational energies, therefore I wish to remind you all to keep on integrating them, until you feel nothing but infinite love.

I wish you all a happy new year with love,


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